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Thank you for your interest in hiring the Grade A listed 1873 hall. Once Glasgow's fishmarket, now part of the Briggait complex, it is both a unique working space and a versatile venue. Click on the green text to find out more information about the Briggait’s history, and recent events the hall has hosted. Before you submit an enquiry please take a moment to read our guidelines. You can download a PDF of the hall layout here. Please be aware that we only accept event booking enquiries through this online system.

We host open afternoons with a member of our event team should you want to see the building first hand before making an enquiry. Contact us by email on thebriggait@inhouse.scot in advance if you’d like to attend.


Please select which dates you would like for your event from the available dates on the calendar. If you intend to book a repeating event, please initially apply for this first date(s), and when the application process is complete you will be able to duplicate the event across different dates.


Organiser access

This is all the time you will need in the building before, during and after your event. There must be an organiser in the building when the public have access.

Public access

Depending on the nature of your event, you may require security for when your event 'goes live' for members of the public.

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This can be what you are estimating the charge will be to enter your event, if there is any charge at all of course.

This is an estimate of the number of customers attending your event over the course of a full day. Your event may have different sessions, or different parts of the event over the course of the day.

The 1873 hall’s capacity is 385, however if additional portaloo facilities are brought in, this can increase to 584. These numbers will be monitored by security at the main entrance.

Tell us why you've decided to put on this event and what you hope to achieve

What activities will be taking place at your event? Will there be stalls or a stage? Will you be providing food and drink for guests? What kind of atmosphere do you want to create?

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Which licenses do you need?

Licenses can be confusing. If you are unsure whether you need a license or not, we can offer guidance.

This is legally required when you have multiple stall holders selling different products to the public. Remember, food traders will require additional documents including an HACCP plan and food hygiene certificates. We are happy to advise on this if you freeze any dates with our venue.

This is legally required when your event will have a paid bar. You require a licensee with a personal licence to apply for this, and any bar staff handling alcohol require basic bar training. We are happy to advise on this if you freeze any dates with our venue. Alternatively, we can be your licensee and run your bar if you would like.

This is required if your event is for over 500 guests at one time, or if it presents a high risk to spectators.

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