At the bottom of the page there is a link to the full terms and conditions of the Let, but here we wanted to put together a list of quick pointers for you before you take the time to fill out our online application.

The Briggait 1873 Courtyard Event Guidelines Contents:


The Briggait's 1873 Hall offers a stunning backdrop for events and performances.

It is both a listed building and a working cultural space, so all events must be the right fit. It should also be appreciated that the 1873 Hall is described as a covered outdoor space - it is unheated and not entirely closed off to the elements.

Suitable events

All applications, which will be discussed by the 1873 Hall event committee, would ideally:

Construction of Space

DIMENSIONS: The courtyard is 25 meters high and the balcony area sits around 12.5m from the floor. The capacity for the space is 385 people maximum (with portable toilet provision this number can be increased to 584). There is 1 disabled toilet, 5 ladies toilets and 4 gents toilets.

ROOF: The space has a glass and timber roof with decorative iron joists. Works are ongoing on the roof, however we can still experience small areas of water ingress to the hall in periods of heavy rain. If wind speed exceeds 50mph the hall will be forced to close. This is stand policy for all glass roof buildings owned by Glasgow City Council.

FLOOR: Ground floor level is made up of flagstones and the balcony is timber floorboards.

POWER: There are two three phase power outlets, on adjacent sides of the hall. These are each next to a double socket fitting. In the floor there are a 6 round metal hatches which each contain a double socket fitting and two data points.

ENTRY AND EXIT: On the Bridgegate elevation, there are three large gates which open onto a vestibule. There is then a revolving door with two wide plate glass doors either side to ensure full accessibility. There is then a small set of five stairs with a ramp on either side constructed from granite. On the Clyde Street elevation there is another large gated entrance which lead into a vestibule. Beyond this vestibule there is a set of two glass double doors which lead directly to the courtyard.

LIGHTING: Each balustrade surrounding the hall has a downlight fitting attached. There are two downlight fittings outside each cultural office space on the balcony level. On the ceiling there are small spotlights next to each of the decorative roofing joists.

HEATING: The courtyard is not heated in any way. This is very much worth considering when you are thinking about what time of year to host your events as in winter it is as cold indoors as outdoors.


If your application is successful and you wish to begin the stages of booking the hall, it will be your responsibility to:

  1. Pay 25% of the invoice to freeze the dates (or the dates will still be free for others to book) and ensure full payment is made 4 weeks before the event.
  2. Read through and agree to the Terms and Conditions of hire as listed on the home page.
  3. Attend a Consultation with our event team to begin planning your event.
  4. Design and print your own marketing materials.
  5. Bring sufficient tools and technical support to install all required equipment.
  6. Organise transportation of all relevant items to and from the Briggait.
  7. Arrange event specific insurance.
  8. Source all catering and refreshments alongside equipment and event furniture.
  9. Ensure that staffing is sufficient for the scale of your event.
  10. Remove all items after your event is finished and return the space in like condition.
  11. If you plan to play background music, have live music or any music playing during the event, you must secure the appropriate licence.

It is our responsibility to:

  1. Provide initial event planning advice during consultation.
  2. Ensure that you have the correct licenses in place for your event.
  3. Make sure the space is clean on your arrival.
  4. Provide duty management and stewarding staff as appropriate.
  5. Ensure the building has the correct Public Liability insurance in place.


Is there disabled access?
All public areas of the Briggait are fully accessible for disabled and elderly guests. We have a disabled toilet at ground floor level

Is the venue dog friendly?
Guide and hearing dogs are welcome at all times. For food based events, those with a high footfall or those with loud performances, we would respectfully request that domestic dogs stay at home.

What staff can you provide?
We provide a duty manager during the time of your event - this is a requirement of our insurance. We will also provide fully trained security staff, cleaning staff, event staff and crew as the event requires.

Additionally, as a service, we can help plan your event on your behalf if you are finding it difficult or you simply don't have the time.

Do I need public liability insurance?
Yes, if you are organising an event you must arrange your own public liability insurance.

Can we decorate the venue for our event?
You can indeed dress the venue space, plans for this should be discussed at consultation.

Can I have candles in the venue?
Candles are permitted in the 1873 hall but must be in holders which cover the flame or house a tea light safely.

Can we modify the hall for the event?
If the installation for your event means that you have to carry out modifications to the space (ie covering windows, drilling or screwing into window sills or walls, etc), written consent from Inhouse must be confirmed.

Can I bring equipment into building?
Any equipment brought into the building must carry the relevant safety certificates. For example electrical equipment must be PAT certified. All cables and wires must be taped onto the floor or secured underneath conduit. All equipment should be installed in a manner which the public cannot access the controls or interfere with any working parts, unless designed as an interactive element within the event. If any equipment required for your event must be left switched on over the Let, this must be cleared with Inhouse. You must also make sure that all equipment is protected from theft and is insured by the company that you have hired it from or your home.

If any works, equipment, or parts of sets are being built off site, please remember that these items must be able to fit through the largest entrance to the courtyard which is 2.2m wide and 2.8m high. A larger scale plan can be provided on request to help you to plan for this.

Is there any parking at the Briggait?
We do not have any public parking but we are located directly across from an NCP car park situated on King Street. We do have a loading bay at the back of the building in which suppliers can stop for short periods to offload equipment.